Saturday, July 20, 2024

Green Building Consulting, the area’s most renowned source for green building energy modeling, testing, certifications, and knowledge, has established Green Building University (GBU). GBU will offer educational sessions on all aspects of green building. Led by Barb Yankie, and co-hosted by some of the fields most respected names, GBU plans on delivering education to the regions builders, developers, architects, designers, engineers, consultants, contractors, and anyone else in need of a greater understanding of green building practices, strategies, implementation and implications.

To accomplish these goals, Green Building Consulting has expanded their corporate offices in downtown Cincinnati to house the new Green Building University Training & Showcase Center. The Center, housed in an 1898 Italianate historic building, has been upgraded to showcase some of the green building industry’s best practices and products. These installations serve as inspiration to the many participants of GBU’s educational sessions for solutions to many of today’s green building challenges.


A LEED for Homes Provider is selected and authorized directly by the US Green Building Council. A Provider has the following responsibilities within the LEED for Homes program:

  • Delivers the program on behalf of USGBC

  • Conducts preliminary rating with the Project Team

  • Provides technical support for the LEED for Homes Rating System

  • Coordinates and provides quality management services for a network of Green Raters

  • Reviews and submits final certification documents to USGBC.


As a LEED for Homes Provider, Green Building Consulting is able to provide support for LEED for Homes projects anywhere in the world.

An accredited rating provider has the responsibility of ensuring the quality of rating services. In addition, a rating provider is responsible for administering rating programs. These responsibilities include:

- Certification of Raters

- Selection of accredited rating software programs

- Rating quality assurance

- Marketing of rating services


A Technical Assistance Provider is a qualified expert in topics related to the design, development and construction of energy efficient, environmentally friendly and safe affordable housing. Enterprise Green Communities has vetted consultants in the TA Provider Database to ensure that each organization has the appropriate credentials and a history of delivering high-quality technical expertise. Those listed have demonstrated their continued commitment of bringing sustainable solutions the affordable housing sector.


(Residential, Commercial, Schools, Government, etc.)


LEED, Enterprise Green Communities, National Green Building Standard, Passive House, Challenge Home, ENERGY STAR, Indoor AirPlus, Water Sense and others


Most green building programs address site, energy, water, materials, and indoor environmental quality. Green Building Consulting has expertise in all of these areas, and is skilled at assembling a design team, or assisting an existing design team in using a cohesive approach to creating high performance buildings. Green Building Consulting can perform the required testing and verification to certify your structure. Whether an individual home owner, developer, property manager, architect, or builder, we can help you with the certification for a number of “green” programs.



Our team of accredited professionals can provide the following technical services:


  • Training and consulting on environmentally-responsible building design and construction

  • Design reviews and in-field training and diagnostics

  • Process guidance and administration, which includes scheduling, task management, documentation, and submittal preparation

  • Environmental materials research and recommendations

  • Development of specifications to support the process

  • Equipment and life-cycle analysis and costing

  • Energy performance modeling and building optimization

  • Lighting, day lighting, renewable energy and passive solar consultations

  • Project-specific educational presentations for the project team or client


Green Building Consulting can provide full administrative services for your project, from initial planning to final certification.


We will:

  • Help your team establish environmental goals and identify program credits to target

  • Track the project’s progress toward goals and keep the team on course

  • Facilitate integrated design meetings

  • Research specific questions, materials or strategies to determine viable options for program credit compliance

  • Manage timelines, gather documentation and review the team’s work for completeness

  • Assist in the selection of a commissioning agent

  • Train general contractors and sub-contractors on compliance with the program’s credit requirements

USGBC Faculty comprise an elite group of green building professionals on the forefront of LEED projects in the field. Faculty exclusively teach USGBC’s 250-level and higher core curriculum courses. As recognized and trusted experts, Faculty are privy to LEED updates and help shape curriculum development.

Whether seeking support while working on a green project or simply looking to expand your knowledge, Green Building Consulting can provide the training to fit your needs. Our training programs and seminars can be tailored for Designers, Builders, Contractors, Support Staff, etc.


Our staff can provide energy modeling of your planned or existing commercial or residential building. We use computer software that models a simulation of the building envelope, HVAC equipment, lighting, and building schedules.


Using this information we can:

  • Predict energy savings resulting from design alternatives that may include day-lighting, building orientation, window or shading improvement, more efficient lighting, and/or HVAC equipment.

  • Analyze energy upgrades to your building to help predict energy savings.

  • Provide the documentation needed to qualify for energy credits in certification programs.

  • Help you predict whether your building design will meet ENERGY STAR standards.


Our services include energy simulation modeling, plan reviews, and economic analyses of energy efficiency measures.

Green Building Consulting conducts energy audits on single-family, multi-family, and commercial buildings. The analysis and testing often feature the use of diagnostic equipment such as blower doors, duct testers, moisture meters, combustion analysis equipment and infrared cameras. An energy analysis can identify the sources of problems that waste energy, create poor indoor air quality, or reduce the comfort in the structure. It provides recommendations for improving the quality of the structure, maximizing the efficiency of existing equipment, and other means for reducing energy, water and resource use and enhancing indoor environmental quality.

Thermal imaging has been found to be helpful in identification of many types of construction deficiencies, plumbing leaks, moisture intrusion, roof leaks, and areas of inadequate insulation in structures. This same technology can be used in evaluating the performance of flat roofs, and in many cases, saving replacement of the entire roof covering by identifying the problem areas so they can be replaced as needed. Many times, these problem areas can be identified before any indications are apparent inside the building. Infrared conduction scans of structures will be performed by certified Thermographers. Convection scans using a blower door can also be performed.